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Space Cowboy Revolver: Here Goes Nothing

Here we go.

This is the first blog post of the first Uncle Fudd project. My hope with both this build and is to share my journey of creating things that I find interesting. Maybe I'll inspire some of you to take on a new project or share one you've already started. Maybe no one will ever read this. Either way I am excited to start.

Side note - I am trying some affiliate links to see if I can make a $$ here or there to help pay for this project. So click all the links and buy stuff, or whatever you do so that I get paid as an affiliate. Thanks.

I'm calling this project the Space Cowboy Revolver, aka space deer gun. There are whitetail on mars, right?

The general idea is to take a classic American revolver and update it in some clever ways to make Han Solo proud. Hopefully it looks cool too. Below is the sketch that I'm basing the project off of. You always have to start with a sketch.... in Powerpoint.

Space Cowboy Revolver Sketch
What do you think Han?

I don't yet have all the parts of the build, so there will no doubt be changes along the way. The items that are core to the build are:

I also know the device that is to be mounted underneath the hand guard, but I'll reveal that later. Have to keep some things interesting. Hint - it's not a flashlight.

Stay tuned. I'll do my best to provide regular updates as the fun begins.

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