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Space Cowboy Revolver: The Grips

Adding wood grips adds a taste of home.

The standard grips that Ruger supplies with the GP100 actually feel pretty good in the hand. However, from the beginning of the project, I knew I had to upgrade for both feel and swag points.

GP100 Wood Grips Revolver - Space Cowboy
Notice the mount for the Weig-a-tinny rail in the front sight post.

I chose Hogue's Goncalo Alves Ruger Blackhawk grips. These puppies have the finger groove shape I wanted to and enough variation in the wood to keep them interesting. Not so much though that they look gimmicky... looking at you Hogue Lamo Camo Grips.

Hogue Wood grips for ruger gp100
Side-by-side with the stock grips

Not a bad improvement, eh?

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