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Space Cowboy Revolver: The Scope

Quality glass for a quality guy....

I'll keep this one short a sweet. You can hit what you can't see - even in space.

On earth, a 6" GP100 Revolver in .357 mag. could drop a deer at 100+ yards. In space, depending on the gravity and atmospheric density a space cowboy finds himself in, his revolver could be lethal much further than that (watch Interstellar if you want to learn more). So, he needs to be able to see much further than that.

To enable his long-vision and precision targeting, we selected Burris's 2-7x Handgun Scope with the Ballistic Plex reticle.

Space Cowboy Revolver Scope Burris
Look through the smaller end

The Ballistic Plex reticle's vertical notches, shown here, works well in conjunction with the laser rangefinder.

Once the space cowboy has the distance to the target from the rangefinder, the notches will make it easy to adjust his vertical hold.

Space Cowboy Revolver Burris Scope

The rings are the Xtreme Tactical Rings by Burris..... Space Burris.

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