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Space Cowboy Revolver: Ready For Action

The Space Cowboy Revolver is complete. I'll keep the words short and photos long here. Check out the other posts for descriptions of each attachment and the build processes. Full build list at the end.

If you'd like to support this project and help me do more, click a link or two on the build list and then buy something.... like anything... or 100 anythings, then I'll get like $0.50.


Space Cowboy Revolver

Space Cowboy Revolver

Space Cowboy Revolver

Space Cowboy Revolver

Below you can see the readout on the laser rangefinder. It provides both distance to target and the angle of the gun. More on how it works is in the blog post here. The general idea is aim at the target, hit the button to get the range, glance down at the readout to see the range, hold over the target at the right height, and whamy, drop the space deer.

Space Cowboy Revolver

Below is a view of the handguard and attachments separate from the GP100. It spins. Pretty neat, huh?

Full Build List

Gun: GP100 Revolver in .357 Magnum

Scope: Burris 2-7x32 Pistol Scope with Ballistic Plex Rerticle

Scope Mount: Burris Tactical Rings

Picatinny Rail: Weig-a-Tinny

Handguard: Kriss Vector

Grips: Hogue Goncalo Alves

Rangefinder: LaserWorks

Quiver: Hoptic USA's .357 Mag

Paint: Brownells Aluma-Hyde Parkerizing Gray

Thanks for following along on this build. I hope it inspires some of you to think outside the AR box and have some fun.

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