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Space Cowboy Revolver: The Irons

Back up iron sights on a revolver that comes with iron sights? Yep.

The beauty of the the Weig-a-tinny rail is that it allows your average space cowboy to attach all sorts of things to his space gat. The downside is, it requires removing the GP100's factory iron sights. The Burris 2-7x Scope I'm using on this build is usable for close shots, but the offset irons will allow for even quicker target pickup at short range.

They also allow the shooter to aim the Rangefinder at the target, see the distance readout and then flip back to the scope to take the shot.

Just imagine.... Space Cowboy Gary is stalking his space deer, and spots it across a space valley. He tilts his space gat 45 degrees to the left, places the irons on target, activates the rangefinder, returns his space gat to full upright, takes aim with the distance-informed hold, and pow - Gary's got space deer burgers for dinner.

The iron sights I selected for the build are XS's 45 Degree Offset Irons. These fit the bill because I wanted simplicity (aka not flip up), low profile, 45 degree offset so the can be used alongside the Burris scope, and a tritium glowing front sight.

Glowy things glow in space, right?

Update: I decided to not includes these on the gun. They add more weight than they're worth. The rangefinder allows a Space Cowboy to aim at a target and save the distance on the display (ie. freeze the lazed distance on the screen even if the user aims at something else). This means the magnified optic can be used to find the range, and the the Space Cowboy can glance down at the rangefinder display - no irons needed.

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