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Space Cowboy Revolver: Rangefinder Mount Part III

The mount was cut to shape. It was time to clean it up, attach it to the Kriss handguard and test the vertical and horizontal adjustments.

Space Cowboy Revolver
Masking tape > Dykem

In the image above you can see how the 3/8" bolts secure the mount to the rail, the slots in the mount that allow it to move up and down, and the silver set screws that control the rangefinder's horizontal aim.

The image below is the mount sanded down to 220 grit with some more material taken off the front and rear edges. The original plan was to paint the mount black, but I think a Space Cowboy would like a bit of silver bling popping out behind the handguard.

If you look closely, you can see where the horizontal adjustment M4 screws contact the mount. Making a horizontal adjustment requires flexing the bottom of the aluminum mount against the hold of the 3/8" bolts on its top. It places quite a bit of stress on the aluminum so the steel screws dig in.

Space Cowboy Revolver
It's coming together.

You can see in the image above that the mount positions the rangefinder just behind the front of the handguard.

So how well does the left-right adjustments work? The best way to test the adjustment is by measuring the space between the front of the handguard and the rangefinder. You can see below where I'm taking the measurements - the front left side of the rangefinder.

Adjusting the Space Cowboy Rangefinder
Point of measurement. Right-most adjustment.

Space Cowboy Rail and Rangefinder

With the front set screw tightened down and the back set screw backed off, the gap between the handguard and the rangefinder is just over 0.21 inches. At this setting, the right side of the rangefinder is pressed up against the right side of the handguard.

Space Cowboy Revolver Rail
Testing the nut on the front of the rail as a left thumb index point

The opposite setting - the rear set screw tightened and the front loose, the gap is ~0.1 inch. This is the far left adjustment.

Finally, both set screws loose. The unadjusted gap between the rangefinder and left side of the rail: ~0.13 inches.

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