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Space Cowboy Revolver: Rangefinder Mount Part II

In Part I of Mount I took a piece of 1/8" aluminum, cut it to the general size of the rangefinder mount and drilled two small holes to attached the mount the rangefinder. It was now time to drill the holes that would allow the mount to attach the the Kriss Handguard.

I used a marker to trace the slots in the handguard onto the roughed-in mount and drilled four 3/8" holes. These holes are to be the top and bottom limits of two vertical slots through which bolts will extend securing the mount to the handguard while allowing for vertical adjustments.

Why 3/8" holes? Because I intended to secure the mount to the handguard with 3/8 - 16 bolts and nuts. These are some pretty beefy bolts - far bigger than any other on the revolver. They'll secure the mount very tightly and their heads are wide enough to extend beyond the nearly 1/2" gaps in the handguard.

Holes drilled, it was time to connect them with our friend, Mr. Dremel.

Once connected, I cleaned up the inside of the slots and attached it to the rangefinder to see how she'd fit on the revolver.

In the picture below you can see the silver M4 set screws in the handguard that will make the left-right adjustments. They do so by increasing and reducing pressure on the the front and rear of the mount.

Space Cowboy Revolver with Rangefinder
Not so bad, eh?

Next is removing some weight from the mount in non-critical areas and then final sanding/finishing.

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