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3-Gun Tactical Lever Action: Initial Design

My dearest Fuddites, it's time to dive into my next abomination.

In this project, I am going to step away from the futuristic revolver dead horse that I've been beating and towards the latest internet gun craze: the tactical lever action.

The version of tactical lever-gat that I'm dreaming up isn't going to be your standard "add a red dot, rail, and suppressor" build. Those are great for others to assemble and if you'd like some pointers on how to undertake a build like that for yourself, check out this overly-long starters guide blog post that I've been slowly adding to. That style of space cowboy gun is not absurd enough for my taste.

My plan is put together a 3-Gun Lever Action that steals some of the common features of ARs used in 3-gun competitions as well as a few custom pieces like a carbon fiber handguard and extended magazine tube.

Below is the Powerpoint design sketch for the build as well as the first shot of what I think will be the main components list. This list will undoubtably change along the way, but we've gotta start somewhere.

3-Gun Tactical Lever Action Build Design Sketch

Initial Build List:
Offset Red Dot: Sig Romeo1
Stock: Henry Natural Wood with some modifications
Handguard: Custom made from carbon fiber
Extended Magazine: Custom made from titanium

One other note as this build gets underway... I'm intentionally selecting lightweight components for the front end and will explore ways to reduce the weight of the stock. I'm interested to see how light this build ends up, even with extra ammo capacity and an over-done optics setup.

Time to Fudd it up.


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