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Tactical Forward Charging 10/22: Initial Design

Alright, sports fans.... It's time to kickoff another build.

"But wait, Uncle Fudd, you haven't finished the stock on the Tactical Lever Action Build?!"

That's right, and I usually don't start a new build until the last is completed. However, I'm tired of waiting on the stock to get back in stock, so I can finish the build, so we're on to the next one!

Also, I'd like your in input on some of the specifics of this next build, so I'm sharing the design early so you guys and gals can chime in.

Initial Design Sketch:
Tactical 10/22 Build Forward Charging

The core idea of the build is to way overdue a 10/22 with some high-end components, keep the weight reasonable, and add ambidextrous non-reciprocating forward charging handles. That's going to be the fun (read: "hard") part.

Input Needed - Parts:
There are some components of the build that are locked in. Most importantly, the core gun is going to be Volquartsen's Superlite in Grey Birch's La Chassis. A BIG thank you to to Volquartsen for supporting the project with the Superlite. As many of you know, I don't get paid to do any of these builds and they regularly cost several $2,500 or more. Manufacturers pitching in to support the projects helps me keep the quality of components high and my mortgage in good standing.

The elements of the build that I'm looking for some input on are below. Put suggestions in the comments for any ideas you have..... There are (mostly) no bad ideas.

1. Type of tubing to hold the ball bearings that connect the forward changing handles to the bolt
2. Material to use for the forward charging handle housing & stock furniture
3. Red dot and mount
4. Pistol grip

Let me know what you think I should use. Below is what I have shown in the design sketch.

Initial Build List:
- That puppy weighs less than 4.5 lbs.... awesome
Red Dot: TBD - Steiner MPS shown
Mount: TBD - Scalarworks Leap shown
Furniture: TBD - White acetal shown
Extra Magazine Holder: Ant Hardware Mag
Laser/Light Combo: Streamlight TLR RM1

Thanks in advance for your input fellow Fuddites!



The tube is a cool idea but I have no idea how one could bend that tube and still allow the ball bearings to move freely and smoothly. Too much deformation and they will kink up, and too small of a ball means they bind up. Consider using the MLOK on the for end to create brackets for a "bridge" that will run along the top. You can then add a handle on the left side and a straight rod to the right to make it charge from the left side, bottom, or top. Make it steam-punky and you're on brand. This would also get rid of the bent-tube-ball-bearing difficulties.

edit: Or you can use the bearing idea with a…

Uncle Fudd
Uncle Fudd

Thanks – I’ve got the same concern about the bearings binding in the tube on the corners. The bearings I am planning to use are 0.02” smaller than the inside diameter of the copper tube, so they have some room to play. I’m going to bend the tube slowly and keep checking how the bearings flow to see if it’s going to work.

Good idea on the bridging from right to left either under or over the 10/22 barrel. It may come to something like that, and as I measure the MLOK on the La Chassis, there is quite a bit of room underneath it for some kind of connections. The right side will be pretty close to a straight…



Holosun 507 Comp would be the best for this



i've never used the Steiner red dot, but can't go wrong with an RMR


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