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Space Force 6: The Paint

I'm typically not into colored guns. I like black. Sometimes grey or stainless steel if black isn't an option.

On this futuristic revolver, however, I'm going a bit wild.... "Tactical Dark Blue."

I figure, if there is every a time to paint a gun non-black or gray, it's the time when you're adding fiber optic glow to a space revolver for a pretend futuristic space force. Just saying.

I'm also trying a new kind of gun paint - DuraCoat. I've used Aluma-hyde on most of my previous projects and have been satisfied with the results. I've heard good things about DuraCoat and, like Aluma-hyde, it comes in 50 colors, so I decided to give it a shot.

One cool thing right out the box is that it comes with a degreaser.

DuraCoat tactical Blue gun paint
Only tactical colors are allowed on future guns.

Nothing cooler than a picture of a can of paint.


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