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John Wick Revolver: The Build Part I

Let it be knownst: This project has nothing to do with John Wick. I suspect no one who has had any part of the creation of that character or the wildly popular movies in which he resides will ever hear of UncleFudd. This project is a fan-man, fan-manning about how a John Wick-type person might kit out a Ruger 6 shooter if needed to blast some rival assassins.

The base is again going to be Weigand's Ruger 6" Revolver Picatinny Rail. This was a great foundation for the Space Cowboy Build, so I decided to use it again.

To attach the carbon fiber ammo tubes to the rail, I order some of Evikes Weaver-to-Weaver Mounts. I wasn't super concerned with the appearance, because I know I am going to hack them up and then paint them, rather, I just needed something that would clamp onto the rail without covering it. This is critical because, like Mr. Wick's MPX, this revolver is going to have a laser mounted on top of the rail, barely above the picatinny ridges.

Weigand Rail Revolver John Wick Gun

The Weaver to Weaver mounts are intended to connect two rail together, top to top. This is why the clamps stick up over a single rail as shown below.

Weigand Rail Revolver John Wick Gun with Mounts

The mounts were clunkier than I imagined, so I thought of how I could reduce the bulkiness of the side of the rail that will not have the ammo tubes. I just needed a nut of some sort that would lock into the rail and be the anchor the ammo tubes.

Weigand Rail Revolver John Wick Gun with Mounts

Weigand Rail Revolver John Wick Gun with Mounts

John Wick Revolver Ammo Tube Mounts Build

Those were looking pretty good so I set them aside to touch up with some hand sanding later and went to bed.

Then I woke up and realized that those look nothing like something John Wick would use. They look like a guy who likes to build absurd revolvers went to a hardware store, bought some wing nuts and the cut off one of the wings.

I must do better. I will do better for John.

So, let's try again. This time using Impact Weapon's QD Mounts as the base for the anchors. These are more expensive and will still require some cutting, but they'll look way better when complete and, since they have 2x bolts per mount, one can be used to hold the mount to the revolver rail, while the other holds the ammo tubes in place. Pretty sweet.

Impact Weapon's QD Mount John Wick Revolver
The mounts before cutting....

Impact Weapon's QD Mount John Wick Revolver
and after.

All I needed to do was remove the QD mounting holes and then smooth off and sand down to 600 grit to have a smooth surface ready for paint.

Impact Weapon's QD Mount John Wick Revolver

With the QD mount holes removed, the mounts are pretty small on the rail. Much smaller than the Weaver to Weaver mounts and they look way better than the half wing nuts.

To slim them down further, I could remove the parts of the mounts that cover the top of the rail. I haven't decided if I'd like this better or not. On the one had, it would lower their profile by 0.15" or so. On the other, it'd expose the bolts and may not look as clean. I'm waiting to make that decision until the Tru Glo Laser arrives. It may sit low enough on the rail that the laser hits the top of these mounts. If that's the case then I'll have to remove the tops.

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