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John Wick Revolver: Build Complete

She is ready for you, John.

As usual, I'll keep the words short here and let you all enjoy the pictures. The only thing I'll note is that while this build looks the simplest of my Ruger revolver builds to date, the spring/loading gate/carbon fiber ammo tube setup has been the most difficult component I've made in awhile. It's much easier to cut a handguard up to fit an attachment than it is to design reload tubes for a revolver.

Full build list is at the end of the post and you can check out the various build blog posts to see how each part of this John Wick gun came together. A special shoutout to Titanium Gun and Badger Custom Grips for their contributions to this project.

Thanks for following along with another project. Enjoy the pics.

John Wick Revolver Build Complete
Badger's walnut grips looking good.

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

The next couple shots show off the TiN treatment on some end caps and brackets for the ammo tubes. I told the crew at Titanium Gun what I was up to and they dialed up a combination of sand blasting, TiN coating and matte finishing that hit the John Wick look spot on.

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

Below is the best shot to see how the ammo tubes work. The rounds in the tubes are held under spring tension against the metal gate at the rear. When reloading, Mr. Wick presses a round in and towards the red dot allowing it to pass by the gate and pop into his hand. Then it's just an inch or so directly downward to drop the round into the cylinder.

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

Here's an up-close on the red dot over laser setup on the revolver like John's MPX.

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

Finally, looking through the optic you can see both the laser (lower dot) and the red dot (upper dot).

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

John Wick Revolver Build Complete

It's a pleasure to get to dream up and share these projects with the Uncle Fudd community. It's also expensive, so if you'd like to support these projects, tell a friend about this site or click on a link below and then buy something from Amazon. If you buy $100 of toilet paper, I'll get like $0.13.

Full Build List

Gun: GP100 Revolver in .357 Magnum

Picatinny Rail: Weig-a-Tinny

Red Dot Mount: Leupold Delta Point Pro Cross Slot Mount

Red Dot: Leupold Delta Point Pro

Laser: Tru Glo Micro Tac

Ammo Tube Mounts: Berretta Gold Rush Front Bands

Front Ammo Tube Rail Mount: Impact Weapons QD Mount

Ammo Tube Springs

Grips: Badger Custom GP100 Walnut Sport Grip (use code UNCLEFUDD to get a discount)

Carbon Fiber Tubes: Dragon Plate

Lot's of bolts n' stuff: McMaster Carr

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