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John Wick Revolver: Initial Design

Disclaimer: This in not in anyway associated with the John Wick movie series. Keanu is not (yet) a friend of Uncle Fudd. John Wick doesn't use many revolvers in the movie series, except for a cool, build-your-own single action scene in the third movie. This John Wick gun project will look basically nothing like that single action revolver. This is simply a build based on the idea of what a John Wick-like person might use..... with some recognizable materials and color schemes.

Here comes the third iteration of a wild GP100-based project. Like the Space Cowboy and Space Force 6 projects before it, this one starts with some concept art.... AKA a bunch of copy-pasting into Powerpoint.

John Wick Revolver Concept Design

"What about it makes it a "John Wick" revolver?" you ask. There are 3 elements that we're inspired by the guy:

1. Additional ammo/quick reloads - the carbon fiber bars in the image above will be tubes that hold 6-8 rounds that can quickly be drawn two at a time from the rear and dropped into the cylinder.

2. Red dot over a laser - in the movie series, Mr. Wick uses an MPX that has a Trijicon MRO mounted over a Streamlight TLR-8 light/laser. On this build, I'm going to mount a Leupold Delta Point Pro over a mini laser, probably a TRUGLO Micro-Tac.

3. Materials/looks - I'll use titanium nitride finishing on a few of the small parts to match the accents on John Wick's guns, carbon fiber reload tubes to match the Lancer Handguard on his MPX and classic dark walnut grips as an homage to his box of gold/guns.

Thanks for tuning in for another project. This should be a fun one.

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