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Magnetron Revolver: Initial Design

It is now time to return from a sidetrack of prop making known as the Hand Canon build, and back to the real pew-pew wheel gats.

This time, I'm starting with a Kimber revolver base and making a few key futuristic upgrades. Like the John Wick Revolver build, this one is going to be more along the lines of adding modern features to a 6-shooter. Not so space-y..... Although I think it'll look a pretty space-y.

Kimber Magnatron Futuristic Revolver Design

So here's the plan:

  1. Spend more time than I'd like to admit "designing" in Powerpoint

  2. Start with a 3" Kimber K6S DASA

  3. Add a Delrin shroud to the front

  4. Add a couple of spare rounds in the shroud

  5. Hack up a Glock red dot mount to make it fit on the revolver and secure a Holosun micro red dot

  6. Build a magnetic, quick-draw holster to secure this puppy on the hip

This will be a first holster build for me and the first time working with industrial-strength magnets. I'm excited to see how it goes. If it works, it'll be a very minimal holster that securely holds the revolver. If it goes poorly, it'll be dangerous and un-drawable.

I'll use a Tec-Lok belt attachment as the holster base and the same Delrin as the gun's shroud to cover the trigger and house the magnet that secures revolver. The magnet is the dotted line in the design below.

Kimber Magnatron Futuristic Revolver Holster Design

And with the revolver...

Kimber Magnatron Futuristic Revolver Holster Design

Time to Fudd it up.


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