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Hand Cannon: Initial Design

All right fellow builders, it's about time for the kick off of a new build. The John Wick Revolver is all but complete so it's time to start looking ahead.

Here's the design sketch that will get us started.

Infinity System Hand Cannon Design

"What is that?" You ask... That is a Colt Single Action Army abomination that is going to be the hero prop gun for author Jonathan Yanez's Infinity System sci-fi western (teaser here).

This one's a bit different than my previous builds for two big reasons.

First, it's going to be a non-functioning "gun." For obvious reasons, the crew doesn't want to have a working firearm on set, so I'm using a high-quality air pistol clone of Colt's classic six shooter. All my other builds are based on 100% real, working firearms. Even though the version I send to Jonathan and team for filming will be non-firing, all the other components will work and I won't make any modifications that couldn't be made to a real Colt Single Action revolver.

Second, this is the first project I am doing by request. I connected with Jonathan through a friend who thought my projects may be a good fit for his characters. I didn't love the idea at first because of the non-gun thing above and I didn't like the idea of turning these projects into work for someone else.

However, since communicating with Jonathan over the past few months, I've found the process of dreaming up the gun a character might use to be really enjoyable. He's given me complete freedom to design all aspects of the gun and simply provided the story's context to fuel my pew-pew creativity.

So here's the plan....

I'm going to buy a Colt Single Action Army air pistol, this absurd shotgun heat shield, a Streamlight LTR RM1, as well as some crazy stuff like a grill tube smoker and a digital finger counter. Then, I'll do the usual hacking, bolting, gluing, grinding, sanding, and painting you've come to expect to build a hand canon that:

  • Shoots lasers from charges held in the cylinder. When the hammer strikes the charge, it'll release energy in the form of a laser down the barrel. The charges can be struck many times before needing replacing.

  • Has a shot counter to keep track of how many times the laser charges have been fired so the user, Wayne Edwards, knows when it's time to swap them out.

  • Has a shroud around the barrel cause lasers are hot.

  • Has a flashlight with pressure switch cause, space.

  • Has the logo of the gang that the former owner belong to before Wayne relieved him of it.

This should be a fun one. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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