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Space Force 6: The Light

The original plan for this space wheel gun was to mount a Streamlight light & laser combo underneath the barrel, inside the handguard. Doing so would require cutting the top or bottom off of the MCX Handguard similar to what I did for the rangefinder on the Space Cowboy Revolver.

This is no longer the plan.

Leaving the handguard more intact will allow for a cyberpunk space forcer more M-LOK space for various attachments and setups. So, I've decided to go with a small scout-style light that I'll attach to the outside of the handguard, near the barrel. This will keep the weight down, the profile low, and still have light to illuminate the fiber optics for the front sight and the grips.

I've selected the smallest scout light I could find: Surefire's Micro Scout Light Pro

Futuristic Gun Light
Small but powerful. On/off button on the back.

The light is only about as thick as a finger (Surefire's website says 0.58 inches) and it has a push button on the back.

Once mounted, I'll secure the ends of the fiber optic cables in line with the front of the light and pass the light back to the grips and the front sight.

Futuristic Gun Light


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