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Space Force 6: The Grips

I'm going to try to get fancy on the grips for this space gun....

I'm starting with Ruger's GP100 Factory Rubber Grips and LS Grips' Ivory Inserts. Like usual, pictures of both are below before I make any modifications.

GP100 Grips with Ivory Inserts

The fancy part is going to be tying the grips in with the fiber optic illuminated front sight. As you can see here, I am planning on using a bit of fiber optic cable running from the Micro Scout Light to the jade front sight post.

My plan is to run a couple extra fiber optic cables from the flashlight to the grips to get them to glow from behind when the flashlight is on. Nothing's more cyberpunk than underglow.

"Nothing's more cyberpunk than underglow." - Uncle Fudd

Futuristic Revolver Grips White
Inserts laying on the grips to give a sense of how they'll look in place.

We'll see how it goes. I'll start working on the glowy grips once I'm done cutting up the rail and red dot mount, which I'm almost done with. Stay tuned. Of all the parts of this build, I am least confident in how these grips will turn out.

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